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Each x Other


Born out of an encounter between fashion designer Ilan Delouis and artistic director Jenny Mannerheim, EACH x OTHER collaborates with artists, designers, and craftsmen to create a common and identical wardrobe for him and her. Inspired by Robert Montgomery's poem "SAFE AND WARM HERE / IN THE FIRE OF EACH OTHER”  the design duo references the idea of the twin flame by using natural fabrics, a timeless color code, and traditionally masculine elements to create unisex pieces that play with the myths of androgyny. 

Art by:  Robert Montgomery  
Just In: Raquel Allegra Fall

Developing out of her experiments with dismantled vintage t-shirts, Raquel Allegra's eponymous line initially got noticed for her use of recycled materials from the raghouses of the Los Angeles Prison System. But her time spent searching for the perfect t-shirts and shredding them paid off. After having trunk shows in her house to sell her iconic pieces the label took off. 2009 marked a maturation for the brand as the collection expanded to include richly textured pieces in deerskin, linen, cashmere, and French lace. Raquel continues to garner admiration from celebrities, editors, stylists and savvy consumers worldwide from New York to Tokyo. It's a line we love, wear and buy every season without fail.