About Us

Luxury with an edge.

Betty Lin carries an expertly curated selection of brands. We pride ourselves on exceptional personal service. 

Beauty, Creativity, and Personality is expressed through every great outfit for each client.  Clients are like friends we welcome warmly into our home, and we offer honest and expert advice like a trusted friend.  

Through fashion, we aim to help women to feel their best by looking their best.  We make the shopping experience fun and effortless.

While we are serious about the business of fashion, we will always respect individual style, and not take fashion, or ourselves, too seriously.



We want to get to know you to help customize your selections. We hand-pick our collection carefully, and we don't offer online sales, so we can ensure each purchase is flawless. Nothing makes us happier than seeing your eyes light up when you try on that perfect piece... fabulous!


betty lin

I am the 5th child out of 7 in my family, with 3 brothers, 3 sisters, and a stylish mother. I was always in everyone's closet, putting outfits together for myself. Passionate about fashion, I find clothes to be an expression of one's personality, mood, and creativity. Building outfits that help bring out the best for each woman, making her look and feel Great is what I live to do.

leah tassinari pic.jpg

leah tassinari

My mother is a creative and my father an artist, so I have always been surrounded by art in all its forms, including fashion. In addition to styling, I am also a writer and editor, so I love exploring the different ways in which people relate to fashion, and from there finding the bests looks for them. From the avant-garde to the most luxurious staples, I believe there is something for everyone.


coralee mcdermott


aranxa ramos

Ever since I was six years old my passion for fashion has always been with me, I use to scan the pages of fashion magazines hoping one day I could style the models. Now here I am eighteen years later, styling for Betty Lin’s website and doing freelance styling on the side. Fashion to me is a way of expressing the way I feel in the inside without saying a word. I am so grateful to be a part of an amazing team here at the Betty Lin shop.

Rui xiong pic.jpg

rui xiong

I am from China. Two years ago, I arrived in San Francisco to pursue my Masters in Fashion Merchandising. I grew up in a fashion industry related family, where my mother and father were women’s wear designer and pattern designer. I was subconsciously influenced by my parents. Thus, I'd decided to major in Fashion Design. In the past 3 years, I've challenged myself with different roles in the fashion industry. Among those roles were Visual Merchandiser and Fashion Designer. After exploring my career, I've finally found my foothold. I rejoice that I can work in the Online & E-commerce marketing field, which affords me the use of my Photoshop and Design skills and marketing knowledge.